Don’t Get Caught with Cookie-cutter Insurance.

With Personal, Life and Business Services, We Can Cover it All.

Whatever your need, we’ll develop a plan that fits YOU. You can call an “800 number” or visit a “.com” company for a policy (or visit an agent that only represents one company) and you may get the same policy as everyone else. We believe your needs are unique—and we’re here to help customize the appropriate coverage.

We understand that different cars—and different people—need different insurance coverages... So, we’ll work to get to know you in order to design a policy specific to your personal needs. Let us earn your trust!


Don’t worry. We all have accidents.

To make a claim during office hours, call us at (937) 339-2674

Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Thursdays: 8:30 AM to Noon

Evenings by appointment


For after hours claims

Please call the number below for your provider. You won’t need your policy number, as each company can find you by your name and address. Please have as much information, about the other parties, as you can. If you need a new “Exchange of Information” form, stop by the office and we’ll be glad to give you another.

Motorists Insurance Group: (800) 876-3298

Progressive: (800) 274-4499

State Auto: (800) 766-1853

Celina Insurance Group: (800) 231-2318

Auto Owners Insurance: (888) 252-4626

Trexis:  (877) 584-7466

We Proudly Represent

Our Companies Offer Many Savings Discounts

  • Multi Car Policies
  • Home Car Discount
  • Limited Annual Mileage
  • Attending College
  • Loss Free
  • "Empty Nesters" or over 45
  • Good Student (3.0)
  • Proof of Prior Insurance
  • EFT or Paid In Full Discounts
  • Professional Occupation
  • Security System
  • Multiple Policy